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Planning your new home`s design, renovating or extending your house is not just challenging, but also brings up a lot of questions about regulations, permits, town planning. The purpose of our Ask the Designer page is to give you lots of valuable information so you can get prepared. Have a browse through our topics and see if somebody has already asked something similar. Or to save time, type your question topic in the Search box and see what you find. If you can`t find the answer for you question, click on the orange Ask your question here button. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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What are the general setbacks for a home?

Setbacks are defined by the local council and you should check with them regarding your block of land; however there are general rules of thumb regarding setback:

  • Front minimum setback is 6 meters
  • Side minimum setback for lower level is 1.5 meters. Side minimum setback for upper level is 2 meters
  • For narrow block of lands, the garage can be built 200mm away from the side boundary
  • Rear minimum setback for lower level is 1.5 meters. Rear minimum setback for upper level is 2 meters

Keep in mind your rooflines must be within the setback limits as well.

What is minimum setback for new carport to front and side boundary?

Depending on the type of roof you use, you can build up to the boundary so long as there is no gutter hanging over the boundary and that the sides of the carport are left open (batten screenings are an exception). However if you have a gutter running in line with the front boundary it is recommended that you provide at least 200mm clearance to ensure that the council will approve your carport.

We are in the planning stage of a major renovating and extending our 2 level home built in the 1970’s. Will the roof trusses need to be replaced or only the roof sheeting if adding major sections to existing roof?

It is possible to retain the existing roof depending on the scale of work being done which may save on cost. However it is best to consult your builder/ structural engineer about the feasibility of retaining the existing roof. Also consult them about both options before making and big decision especially in relation to structural issues.

In our existing 2 storey family home we find the Timber flooring too noisy, if our children run around upstairs. How can we reduce floor noises without going to solid concrete flooring?

Currently Hebel offers a great solution where by replacing the old plywood lining of your home with the new Hebel 75mm Power floor system which will:

  • Eliminates squeaking associated with traditional particle board or plywood lining used in traditional building methods.
  • Gives your floor a solid feel.
  • Superior thermal performance.
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