All our building design projects are customized and never rely on existing plans. Our clients are involved in the building design process which gives that personal touch to each building designs we deliver. Browse our building design design, home renovation and home extension projects bellow.

Ultra modern home de...

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New home design

Ultra modern home design - New home design

Traditional but never out-dated. This home is situated on a vast sprawling hill overlooking the valley. This home has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large double garage and a BBQ...

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Twin Creek Residence...

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New home design

Twin Creek Residence, Sydney - New home design

This property is situated in Twin Creeks, Sydney. 

Total House Size 771m2 


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Cleveland Waterfront...

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New home Hamptons design

Cleveland Waterfront Residence - New home Hamptons design

Raby Bay home has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms on a single level. Designed to suit a relaxed anal living with a courtyard for entertaining and resort pool. Garage has space...

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Thornlands Acreage P...

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New home design

Thornlands Acreage Property - New home design

This residence is 1 level, with 5 bedooms, Main bedroom, retreat, WIR and Ensuite situated on the West wing, whilst other 4 kids bedrooms on the East wing with direct...

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Ormiston Residence

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New home design

Ormiston Residence - New home design

This residence is 2 level, with 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms. 

Total House Size 566m2


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Ormiston 3-level Pro...

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New narrow lot home

Ormiston 3-level Property - New narrow lot home

This residence is 3 level, with 4 bedrooms. The bedrooms are allocated to the first level, from which the living, dining, kitchen and balconies are located on the upper level for...

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Manly Waterfront Res...

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New narrow lot home

Manly Waterfront Residence - New narrow lot home

This residence is 2 level, with 4 bedrooms. Alfresco, living, kitchen and dining to the rear of the property capture the waterfront views. 

Total House Size 360m2


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Wellington Point Res...

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New home design

Wellington Point Residence - New home design

This residence is 2 level, with 3 bedrooms, plus a Guest. The upper floor is occupied by the main bedroom, His and Her WIR, and Ensuite to enjoy the views...

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Kelie Savage Camp Hill
We are very happy with the work Otto has done for us in the design for townhouses. He is very easy to deal with, open to our suggestions and very happy to listen to our requests and explain why he...

Planning your new home`s building design, renovating or extending your house is not just challenging, but also brings up a lot of questions about regulations, permits, town planning. Have a browse through our topics or type your question topic in the Search box and see what you find. If you can`t find the answer for you question, click on the orange button.

Questions & answers

What are the advantages and disadvantages of steel and timber frame?

There are many misconceptions about choosing steel or timber structure, such as steel structures are noisier than timber. However, with the refinement of the newer steel structures, there is a less noticeable difference.

Advantages of building with timber.

Slightly less expensive then steel frame Easier to work with Easier to fix errors on site Can be treated for termites. Timber has better a thermal transfer rate when comparing a house using similar building insulation (timber frame will keep your home cooler) Easy to install hooks and brackets off walls in the future

Advantages of building with Steel.

Termite resistance (keep in mind that using steel structure does not protect 100% of your home. Proper termite protection system should still be used to protect other items in your home (timber flooring, cabinetry, etc.) More accurate

It is also important to note that timber is a more environmentally friendly solution as the...

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