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Planning your new home`s design, renovating or extending your house is not just challenging, but also brings up a lot of questions about regulations, permits, town planning. The purpose of our Ask the Designer page is to give you lots of valuable information so you can get prepared. Have a browse through our topics and see if somebody has already asked something similar. Or to save time, type your question topic in the Search box and see what you find. If you can`t find the answer for you question, click on the orange Ask your question here button. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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I love timber floorings, however I am worried about scratches more. Should I avoid timber floorings?

Timber is a sensitive material especially when subjected to the elements. In an indoor environment however, wear and tear is unavoidable but can be minimized based on the selection of hardwood used. Bamboo is a great solution as it is a resilient material and easier to maintain. If the unfortunate event does occur, it can be easily repaired using methods specified by your supplier. It is important to tell the supplier your concerns in order for them to make an appropriate recommendation.

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Kelie Savage Camp Hill
We are very happy with the work Otto has done for us in the design for townhouses. He is very easy to deal with, open to our suggestions and very happy to listen to our requests and explain why he...