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What options are available for roof styles?

There are three types of roof styles:

Hip style roof has always been a classic option and will remain timeless. Being a cost effective solution it offers wider eaves which provides good shading around the home and prevent rain from discolouring wall surfaces.

Skillion roofs are a more modern option and have been a trend since the early 2000’s. Though being a more modern option it is still a cost effective solution and provides good protection from the elements.

Parapet walls are currently in style as can be seen in modern style homes. By hiding the roof planes and gutters from ground level view, it gives your home a clean and crisp look modern look.

It is important to choose the right roof for the right areas of your home. Consider the orientation of the sun in relation to your opening and ensure that it meets the room’s functional needs. 

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Kelie Savage Camp Hill
We are very happy with the work Otto has done for us in the design for townhouses. He is very easy to deal with, open to our suggestions and very happy to listen to our requests and explain why he...